PostgreSQL archiver failure

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We've got an alert that disk space on a server with a production database is running low.

We have a separate partition (and separate physical SSDs) that stores PostgreSQL data (/var/lib/postgres/), so that nothing can interfere with PG, and this partition was running low on free space. Database size was pretty stable at 3.5 TB, but WALs were accumulating and we already had 2+ terabytes of them. We have archive_mode = on (docs here) that sends completed WAL segments to archive storage by running archive_command (we're using wal-g 0.22.2). Looks like it wasn't succeeding for some reason.

Our monitoring suggested that WAL accumulation started on Thursday, around 12:30 UTC. We could afford to lose these WALs, so we tried to change archive_command to /bin/true and reload the config, but it did nothing and WALs kept accumulating, instead of disappearing like we expected them to.

We turned off a write-heavy workload that generated most of those WALs to buy us more time and tried to understand what was happening. We looked through logs (nothing), poured through documentation — learned nothing useful from it.

We googled different things and looked through many articles, but they were talking about other things that we knew, nothing useful for us. Then we stumbled across this one from Percona blog that has this wonderful image and it explains how the whole thing works, separate archiver process together with ***.ready and ***.done files.

WAL Archiver

So Postgres has a separate archiver process... right. I tried ps aux | grep archiver and voila, there is a line with

postgres: 13/main: archiver archiving 000000010001AFCD000000D6

Looks like it's stuck on this segment. For several days, as it seems. In PostgreSQL logs we've found this:

INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:29.559454 FILE PATH:
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:30.313433 FILE PATH:
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:30.423031 FILE PATH:
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:30.584363 FILE PATH:  # <----
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:31.196299 FILE PATH:
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:31.248269 FILE PATH:
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:31.790405 FILE PATH:
# ...files in order...
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:39.821431 FILE PATH:
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:40.349363 FILE PATH:
ERROR: 2021/11/04 12:23:40.780994 failed to upload 'pg_wal/' to '*****': RequestError: send request failed
caused by: Put https://*****/*/ write tcp *.*.*.*:33060->*.*.*.*:443: use of closed network connection
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:40.781011 FILE PATH:
ERROR: 2021/11/04 12:23:40.781029 Error of background uploader: upload: could not Upload 'pg_wal/000000010001AFCD000000EC'
: failed to upload '' to bucket '*****': RequestError: send request failed
caused by: Put https://*****/*/ write tcp *.*.*.*:33060->*.*.*.*:443: use of closed network connection
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:40.865590 FILE PATH: 
# ...files in order...
INFO: 2021/11/04 12:23:45.359512 FILE PATH:
# backup lines stop here

Time corresponds nicely with our approximate timeline of 12:30 UTC from monitoring, where we start seeing disk usage starts trending upwards. There are errors with 000000010001AFCD000000EC WAL segment, and indeed we didn't have in our backup location (we use Brotli to compress our WAL segments, hence .br extension). Maybe Postgres archiver would have tried up to three times to re-upload it again if it wasn't stuck on 000000010001AFCD000000D6.

So we tried to make it unstuck. Archiver process didn't react to kill (that explains why it didn't react to config change that propagates with SIGHUP), so kill -9! It died and Postgres launched a new archiver that went about deleting all the old WALs due to our archive_command=/bin/true. Finally.

Graph of disk usage

We use PostgreSQL 13.2. Was it a bug in PostgreSQL archiver or something else? Not sure wal-g and its version is very relevant because it's launched in a separate process.

I have no idea how to inspect an inner state of PostgreSQL archiver and no knowledge about its inner workings and wasn't ready to pour a couple of days into figuring that out on my production server.